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EP 1993 tapping #4.jpg
Left to right: Rachel Thomas '95, Lee Roman '95, Evie Johnson'95

EP 1993 tapping #3.jpg
Liz Dunck and Rachel Thomas sing thier renditon of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker in the dining hall.

EP 1993 tapping #1.jpg
Left to right: Merideth Akcman, Helen Grant, Heather Forrester, Debra Elkins

EP 1993 half-note babies.jpg
Left to right: Jane Howard, Evie Jphnson, Susan-Margret Barret, Eileen MAcMurtrle, Helen Grant, Lee Roman, Kerri Davis, Liz Dunck, Rachel Thomas

EP 1993 half-note babies #2.jpg
Left to right: Kerri Davis, Lee Roman, Evie Johnson, Eileen MacMurtrle, Jane Howard, Liz Dunck, Lee MacEarhern, Helen Grant

EP fund raiser no year.jpg
Ear Phones having a fund raiser in the upper quad.
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