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ST 1956.jpg
Club photograph of the Sweet Tones tap club members from the 1956-57 school year.

ST 1957.jpg
The Sweet Tones preform at Sweet Briar's 1957 Midwinter dance.

ST 1993 tapping (babies).jpg
Sweet Tones Tapping 1993, Baby Sweet Tones

EP fund raiser no year.jpg
Ear Phones having a fund raiser in the upper quad.

EP 1993 half-note babies #2.jpg
Left to right: Kerri Davis, Lee Roman, Evie Johnson, Eileen MacMurtrle, Jane Howard, Liz Dunck, Lee MacEarhern, Helen Grant

EP 1993 half-note babies.jpg
Left to right: Jane Howard, Evie Jphnson, Susan-Margret Barret, Eileen MAcMurtrle, Helen Grant, Lee Roman, Kerri Davis, Liz Dunck, Rachel Thomas

EP 1993 tapping #1.jpg
Left to right: Merideth Akcman, Helen Grant, Heather Forrester, Debra Elkins

EP 1993 tapping #3.jpg
Liz Dunck and Rachel Thomas sing thier renditon of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker in the dining hall.

EP 1993 tapping #4.jpg
Left to right: Rachel Thomas '95, Lee Roman '95, Evie Johnson'95
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