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PnP 1992.jpg
Paint and Patches Tappees 1992
Chacha Garcia, Tysha Calhoun, Sarah Rousse, Jen St. Julian, Liz Hornoki, Shelia Miller, Kate Warner and John Gunnoe (honorary)

Not included in picture: Honorary members: Deb Purvis, Linda Leech and Hunter Hopkins

PnP 1993 #2.jpg
On back" Robert Horek "feels oh so pretty" as Marie Antionette

A library worker showing students the reading room on a tour of the Mary Helen Cochran Library, September 1962.

Students and library staff passing the circulation desk on a library tour in September 1967.

Two student library assistants using the SBC library card catalog, 1959.

Ruth Bradley, acting librarian, and Elizabeth Prothro standing in front of a library Bible exhibit in April 1967.

PnP 1951.jpg
On back: "P and P 1951-52, Mr. Freeman, director"
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