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riding-1928a copy.jpg
A group of Sweet Briar students, riding instructors, and a hound handler preparing to go on a fox hunt, 1928-9.

riding-1929b copy.jpg
Grace Sunderland (left), Mr. Lewis (center), and Winnie West (right) on horseback as the Sweet Briar Hunt Team, 1929.

riding-GertrudePrior-1925-29a copy.jpg
Gertrude Prior (fourth from right?) and other Sweet Briar students in a riding class sometime between 1925 and 1929. From Gertrude Prior's scrapbook.

riding-HarrietRogers-1931 copy.jpg
Mr. Blackwell and two student riders, Harriet Rogers and Natalie Roberts, posing on horses, 1931.

Vladimir Littauer, a renowned horseman from Russia and frequent instructor at riding clinics at Sweet Briar, getting a horse to jump over a hurdle, 1935.

Harriet Rogers jumping with her horse over a hurdle, circa 1938.

riding-HarrietRogers-c1927-8 copy.jpg
Harriet Rogers riding a horse at a trot sometime around 1927, presumably on the Sweet Briar College campus.

Student riders gathering in a line at a Sweet Briar horse show, 1939.

Harriet Rogers posing with riding students, circa 1940.

Harriet Rogers, riding instructor and head of physical education at Sweet Briar College, in 1940.
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