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A brief video describing the Riding Program at Sweet Briar College, created in 2010.

riding-1928a copy.jpg
A group of Sweet Briar students, riding instructors, and a hound handler preparing to go on a fox hunt, 1928-9.

Paul D. Cronin, Director of the Riding Program, jumping over a hurdle on the horse "Never Explain", 1969-70.

A close-up of Ann Cronin, Paul Cronin's wife, at his retirement dinner in 1998.

riding-GertrudePrior-1925-29a copy.jpg
Gertrude Prior (fourth from right?) and other Sweet Briar students in a riding class sometime between 1925 and 1929. From Gertrude Prior's scrapbook.

An overview of the guests and the refreshments table at Paul Cronin's retirement dinner in 1998.

A group of guests at Paul Cronin's retirement dinner, 1998.

Harriet Rogers standing with Dr. Crawford at a Sweet Briar graduation ceremony (no date).

[written on back in pencil]: “Harriet Rogers on ‘Misfortune’ [sic]”

riding-HarrietRogers-NDc copy.jpg
Harriet Rogers (third from left), students, and instructors on horseback going over a jump simultaneously (no date).
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