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The entrance to the library addition, still under construction and blocked off with caution tape, 2013.

The old doors to the spiral staircase during the library renovation, 2013.

The recently-built wheelchair ramp in the middle of library renovation, 2013.

library-1944b copy.jpg
Two Sweet Briar students looking at books that are on display in the foyer of the Mary Helen Cochran Library.

A student admiring a display positioned in the foyer in the Mary Helen Cochran Library.

Students and library staff passing the circulation desk on a library tour in September 1967.

library-1952b copy.jpg
Students working at the circulation desk, 1952.

library-1950c copy.jpg
Two students -- Dorothea Fuller and Midge Chace -- admiring a library display in 1950.

Two students studying a display with a map of the library.
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