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[stamped and written in pen]: “Photo by / David I. Abrams / P. O. Box 185 / Monroe, VA 24574 / (804) 929-2019 / File No. 582B26”

An architectural drawing of the Dana Wing made during the construction in the 1960s.

An architectural drawing of the Dana Wing during its construction in 1964.

ST 1993 tapping (babies).jpg
Sweet Tones Tapping 1993, Baby Sweet Tones

[typewritten on back]: “For students interested in Riding, the annual spring horse show is an important event at Sweet Briar College. Ruth Alden, a junior, and Janet Hamilburg, senior, are finding the best spots for posting the show announcements. …

riding-show1952c copy.jpg
Anne Sheffield, a Sweet Briar student, after receiving a ribbon at the Fall Horsemanship Show, 1952.

Two Sweet Briar students, one of them being Jesu Lindsay, tending to a horse in the middle of a riding ring, May 31, 1958.

QVs 1989 step singing.jpg
QVs and Bum Chums participating in Step singing.

[stamped on back]: “CHIDNOFF / 550 – 5th AVENUE / N. Y. C.”

riding-1948a copy.jpg
A Sweet Briar student jumping over a hurdle in a horse show in 1948
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