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library-1944b copy.jpg
Two Sweet Briar students looking at books that are on display in the foyer of the Mary Helen Cochran Library.

A student reading in the circular staircase by the foyer of the Mary Helen Cochran Library, circa 1980.

Three students admiring a rare book that are part of a library exhibit in the Dana Wing, circa 1970.

A student admiring a display positioned in the foyer in the Mary Helen Cochran Library.

Three students looking at a glass case of Bibles in the Bible exhibit in 1967.

Ruth Bradley, acting librarian, and Elizabeth Prothro standing in front of a library Bible exhibit in April 1967.

The reference annex at the Mary Helen Cochran Library in 1958.

[written on back in pencil]: “Jane Black ’56 / Emily Hunter ‘55”

library-1950c copy.jpg
Two students -- Dorothea Fuller and Midge Chace -- admiring a library display in 1950.

Two students -- Alice Cary Farmer and Penny Harrison -- admiring a book from the "NEW BOOKS" display.
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