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Sweet Briar students out on a drag hunt, 1955.

[written on back in pen]: “ ’78 / Addy Elizabeth on Free Will”

library-1953d copy.jpg
[written on back in pen]: “Honors student with tutor”

Pam Ward, a Sweet Briar student, jumping over a hurdle with "Swiss Watch", 1986.

library-1944c copy.jpg
Lois Gene Patton (class of '44, right) and Beverly Hollman (class of '44, left) reading in a corner of the browsing room in 1944.

A library worker showing students the reading room on a tour of the Mary Helen Cochran Library, September 1962.

riding-1928a copy.jpg
A group of Sweet Briar students, riding instructors, and a hound handler preparing to go on a fox hunt, 1928-9.

Student riders lined up in the middle of a horse show, circa 1950.

[written on back in pen]: “Exhibit of Daisy Williams’ books”

Paul D. Cronin, Director of the Riding Program, jumping over a hurdle on the horse "Never Explain", 1969-70.
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