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PnP 1993 #3.jpg
Tapee Amy "Pineapple" Spisso with her moms Kate Warner and Tutti Foshay

PnP 1993 #2.jpg
On back" Robert Horek "feels oh so pretty" as Marie Antionette

PnP 1993 #1.jpg
Tapee Heather" I am Cindy Brandy" Plank and her mom Stephanie Turner'93

PnP 1992.jpg
Paint and Patches Tappees 1992
Chacha Garcia, Tysha Calhoun, Sarah Rousse, Jen St. Julian, Liz Hornoki, Shelia Miller, Kate Warner and John Gunnoe (honorary)

Not included in picture: Honorary members: Deb Purvis, Linda Leech and Hunter Hopkins

PnP 1991.jpg
Paint and Patches tapping night, Andrea Dickson and Fle Carmouche with their baby Tysha Calhoun

PnP 1990.jpg
1990-1991 Paint and Patches

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