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Two Sweet Briar students by a saddled horse. Photo taken at the Alumnae Horse Show in 1998.

A horse being given a drink from an unidentified can by either a SBC student or alum at the Alumnae Horse Show in 1998.

QVs 1992.jpg
1992-93 QVs Left to right: Eleanor Dickinson '95, Lee Roman '95, Cathy Cummings '95, Holly Prothro '95, Sarah- Glenn Stafford '95

QVs 1991.jpg
The QV babies get revealed at the 1991 spring Step Singing.

QVs 1990 step singing.jpg
QVs and Bums participate in step singing.

QVs 1990 (plus one Bum).jpg
A group of QVs plus one Bum Chum at the Boathouse.

A Sweet Briar alumna standing with a horse at the Alumnae Horse Show, 1998.

A Sweet Briar alum trotting around the ring at the Alumnae Horse Show in 1998.

TnT 1995.jpg
Taps n Toes 1995. Left to right: Suson Spurrell, Fiona Mckey, Donnela Subronni, Colleen Losey, Wendy Pressel, Emily Ghiz
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