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riding-1948a copy.jpg
A Sweet Briar student jumping over a hurdle in a horse show in 1948

library-1944c copy.jpg
Lois Gene Patton (class of '44, right) and Beverly Hollman (class of '44, left) reading in a corner of the browsing room in 1944.

library-1944b copy.jpg
Two Sweet Briar students looking at books that are on display in the foyer of the Mary Helen Cochran Library.

[written on back in pencil]: “Fall Horse Show / 1942 / Adie Jones (Fresh pres [?])”

[from a newspaper clipping on back]: “Instructor R. M. Iwanowski, born in Manchuria of Polish descent and educated in Europe, advises student in her reading from International Relations Club bookshelf in the Mary Helen Cochran Library.”

Betsy Brown, a Sweet Briar student, standing by a horse with a trophy, 1949.

An exterior shot of the library, covered with ivy, in 1945.
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