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riding-1929b copy.jpg
Grace Sunderland (left), Mr. Lewis (center), and Winnie West (right) on horseback as the Sweet Briar Hunt Team, 1929.

riding-show1928b copy.jpg
Student riders circling a ring in the pairs class portion of the Sweet Briar Spring Horse Show on May Day, 1928.

riding-1929a copy.jpg
Three Sweet Briar student riders on campus in 1929.

[written on back in pen]:“a stable-mate of Eugenie Morenus’ horse (Toby) – when most horses were rented from Amherst”

[written on front]: “E White / STUDIO / 404-379”

[on front, lower right corner]: “E White / STUDIO / 404-379”\

library-1929a copy.jpg
An exterior shot of the front of the library in 1929.

The reading room with students studying in 1929.
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