The Equestrian Program at Sweet Briar College


The Equestrian Program at Sweet Briar College


Horseback riding has been a vital part of the culture at Sweet Briar since its early days. This collection explores the various aspects of the riding program, from student lessons and activities to prominent faculty.


Rebecca Thomson

Collection Items

Student on Horseback, 1915
A student, astride a horse on the Sweet Briar quad. From Harriet Rogers' file.

Sterling, a Groom, with Eugenie Morenus' Horse Toby, circa 1917-1920
[written on back in pen]:“a stable-mate of Eugenie Morenus’ horse (Toby) – when most horses were rented from Amherst”

Student Riders on a Bridge, 1924
Students riding horses on a wooden bridge.

Student riders by a road, 1924
Students astride horses by the side of an unknown road in 1924.

Four Student Riders at a Fork, 1924
Four students riding horses at a fork in the road in 1924.

Freshmen on a Horse, 1927
Two students of the Class of 1931 astride a horse, 1931.

Sweet Briar Horse Show, 1927
A group of Sweet Briar students participating in one of the earliest horse shows, 1927.
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